Shelley Fenton & Krista Senatore

Our Beginning

Shelley Fenton and Krista Senatore began their teaching careers as elementary classroom teachers- Shelley in upstate, NY and Krista in the Bronx, NY. They expanded their literacy knowledge as reading teachers and then became literacy coaches in public education. They met in the spring of 2015 through a literacy coach co-op and immediately connected over their professional beliefs. Being the only coaches in their districts, they soon realized the power of collaboration in what is oftentimes a solitary job. Through their relationships and interactions in Professional Learning Networks, they have become more knowledgeable and reflective practitioners. They believe that collaboration has enabled them to become more self-aware and to consider different educational perspectives. Shelley and Krista share ideas and inspire one another to nurture their identities as writers. They co-lead study groups, professional development in Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop, and present together at local, state and national literacy conferences.  



Where To Find Us Next

October 2018: Literacy for All Conference: Harnessing

Tech-Infused Collaboration to Empower Literacy Coaches