14 Educators

Readers, writers, learners, poets, bloggers, collaborators

Teachers of elementary, middle, high school, higher education

Administrators, leaders, presenters

Literacy coaches, consultants, specialists

From Louisiana, Montana, New York, New Jersey, Nova Scotia, Massachusetts, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin

A group of mindful educators, reflecting on their moment-to-moment educational experiences. Always supporting and encouraging with an attitude of openness and curiosity. Providing beneficial feedback from across the country.

This is the teacher writing community that I am privileged to be a member.

2018 SOL #19

4 thoughts on “14 Educators”

  1. Isn’t amazing the tribe you can connect to online? There is so much to learn through these connections. So many ways to improve the way we teach and work with others.

  2. It’s is great to be part of this online learning/writing community. It makes us all better. I am glad you are part of SOL18.

    1. Thank you, it certainly has inspired me to share and grow as a writer. I have learned from so many writers that are part of SOL18!

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