Snow Scenes

Connecting with mindful educators is the focus of our website. My poem is an example of this connection. The structure I used for writing my first poem was borrowed from a writer that I met online through #Teach Write. It is called Abecedarian, a poem in which the first letter of each line or stanza follows sequentially through the alphabet. In the month of March, we both decided to do the Slice of Life Writing Challenge. This is my first year slicing, she is a veteran. This connection has been invaluable as a grow as a teacher-writer.

Snow Scenes

A gust of wind

Blowing the powdery snow

Covered roof.

Dawn is breaking.

Ever silent woods in the background.
Frozen crystals swirling
Gently to the rocky ground below.


Hanging delicately
Icicles melt.
Jagged, tapered structures
Knotted clumps of ice clinging to the roofline.
Like translucent stalactites
Moist droplets fall


Naked branches of the steadfast birches
Overlooking the frozen feeder
Precious yellow finches
Quietly chirping
Rare visitors this time of year


Sunshine’s golden rays
Touching each living thing
Under the sighing branches
Whispers ever present


eXtraordinary examples of life
Yearning for spring, as
Zestful glistening snowflakes continue to swirl.
2018 SOL #5

3 thoughts on “Snow Scenes”

  1. What a beautiful portrait you paint with this poem. Your words are so unique. This must be a result of the abc format. Steadfast birches was one of my favorite phrases. Sighing branches was a beautiful image of leaning. Lovely lines!

  2. I love your choice of words throughout this poem. A nice format (ABC) but you make it a complex collection of images. Thanks for sharing this post. It will be an inspiration for other slicers.

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