A Heat Day! A poem by 2 classes

Virtual classroom

Due to extreme heat, my district held a remote learning day yesterday. Believe it or not, this was the first virtual day we have had all year (fortunately Covid did not knock on our door allowing us to learn in-person all year.) So all of us being home was a new experience.

After welcoming students to our online classroom, I announced that today is a"heat day". Like snow on snow days, the heat is keeping us home. We wrote a poem together using the following step:

1. We all wrote in our notebooks about what a heat day means to us.
2. I broke students into breakout rooms to share their writing.
3. Students selected their favorite line from their writing and added it to a shared Google document.
4. We worked together today when were returned to school, to draft, revise and polish our poem.

I give you, our poem.

Heat day 2

A Heat Day
By Mrs. Parker and Ms. Senatore’s Fifth Grade Poets

A heat day is
the comfort of home
learning in your PJ’S,
lounging in comfortable chairs,
fighting with family
for the precious air from the fan or AC
Is still better than
a classroom so hot you can’t breathe.

A heat day is
jumping in the pool and eating ice cream in between classes,
lounging on the deck under a blue umbrella,
listening to the birds sing that today is a wonderful day
for those who can escape the blistering heat.

A heat day is
A no mask day!
Catching a glimpse who we are outside school as
daughters, sons, children
sisters, brothers, siblings
pet owners
on back porches
in bedrooms
t grandparent’s houses.

But mostly, a heat day is
a taste of upcoming

2 thoughts on “A Heat Day! A poem by 2 classes”

  1. We have a lot of heat days down here in Atlanta, but unfortunately we don’t get much sympathy or modification. Wherever you are, I hope your heat-day gave you a nice break in the routine. I love the idea of heat-day poetry. You must be the funnest teacher!!

  2. This is such a great idea for collaborative writing. I love how each Scholar wrote their own, shared, then contributed a line the class poem. I am very glad that your school/district recognized the need to adjust to the heat. Too bad it wasn’t a complete day off, but at least you all were comfortable.

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