Begin Again

Every life has many beginnings

He is ready to begin again

Soothing gentle lullabies

Intimate connections in the early morning light


She is ready to begin again

Treasured stories

Cuddling before your dream-filled slumber


We are ready to begin again

Delightful conversations, savoring every word

Shared across the miles


Anticipating your arrival

Love, joy, and hearts so full

Waiting for your life to begin


Our first grandchild will arrive this August.The next chapter in our lives. I didn’t realize the joy that it would bring even before the baby has arrived. The love I felt when my son and daughter in law told us the news and the look on my son’s face, I will never forget. I tried to capture this feeling in a poem. I seldom write poetry but I am trying to be brave as I try out different writing forms. 

SOL 2019 #11

4 thoughts on “Begin Again”

  1. There is NO joy like a grandchild. It’s totally a new chapter with different options than ever before . . . even across the mile. Welcome to the world of Grandmothers!!!

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