Connected Writing Teachers is a virtual community of Teacher Writers that Lit Coach Connection launched in the summer of 2018. We connect virtually with writing teachers from around the country and internationally to read a text about writing and use that text to inspire our own writing. In the summer of 2018, Ralph Fletcher’s Writing Notebook, and 2019 Paula Bourque’s Spark served as our guide to exploring our identity as writers and helped us consider how we could use these texts in our teaching to grow student writers.

CWT is the result of our journeys becoming not just teachers of writing but also teacher writers. We have experienced firsthand how being a part of a community of writers helps motivate us to write and gives us the courage and confidence to share our writing. Soon we noticed that the more we write, the more our teaching of writing improved. Because we believe that the best teachers of writing are writers’ themselves, we have brought this experience to more teachers. 

Connected Writing Teachers:

Part 1: Connected Writing Teachers with Ralph Fletcher as Our Guide 

Part 2: Connected Writing Teachers with Paula Bourque as Our Guide