CREATE: My one little word for 2020

The root of my one little word for 2020 came in the raw days following my father’s passing. While sifting through old photographs, I came across a letter he wrote to me during my senior year of college as I was caught in the triumphs and labor of writing my senior thesis. In the letter, he congratulated me on some advances with my research and wrote: 

“We are so proud of you working so hard and setting such high goals for yourself. Mom and I love you so much and are totally committed to helping you enjoy a happy and productive life.”

His words remind me of how incredibly lucky I am to have been given such a wonderfully supportive and strong foundation in life. How can I not take chances, put myself out there, and yes, create? 

So I began exploring this word: What do I want to create? Here are a few thoughts: 

Create attention to the “Now” (the present moment).

Create memories with my family. 

Create professional and personal pieces of writing.

Create lessons that grow student readers and writers. 

Create opportunities to connect with others. 

So, I begin this new decade with an open heart, and the drive and confidence to create; my one little word honoring the loving foundation that my father gifted to me.

Dad and I during my junior year of college in Paris.

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