Elina’s Sunflower

“Is this a weed?”

I asked while

examining the tall


standing 3 feet

at the front of our flower bed

casting a shadow on the

Azalea bush

who’d lost her station

In life.


“That’s my sunflower!”

replied Elina.

Closer examination

revealed 5 small heads

with the potential to become



“Ah yes.” a vague memory


of my daughter coming home from

school with

seeds in her hands

eager to plant.


“Yeah, sure.”

I must have said.

Like the family in the

Carrot Seed, I figured

“It won’t come up.”


In the same self-assured spirit of

the protagonist,

my little girl persisted.

Delighting in the fruits of her

loving hands.

Teaching me a lesson about


SOL 2019 #12