Energizing Professional Learning

“Ready, Set, Go!”

Elementary teachers quickly darted down the hallway! Moving from classroom to classroom with Ipads in hand. In partnerships, they were taking selfies and searching for artifacts. Not the usual picture of a professional learning opportunity. These teachers were going on a scavenger hunt using an app called Actionbound. This particular “bound” was set up to encourage teachers to visit each other’s classrooms to locate evidence of some of the components of Reading Workshop. It enabled them to see some of the amazing work happening in their colleague’s rooms that they may not have an opportunity to visit on a regular basis. They were able to complete a variety of missions throughout the bound.

  • Take a selfie with your partner showing a teaching chart. Make sure to point to the strategy that you feel will be most helpful to students.
  • Take a selfie with you and your partner sitting in a cozy reading spot.
  • Follow the link to an article entitled, Creating Readers in the Wild, by Donalyn Miller. Read the article and share one reading habit that is mentioned that you will share with your students to help them become lifelong readers.
  • Take a selfie with your partner showing a book from a student book box or bag that you would like to add to your stack.
  • Take a picture of an insightful response from a student on their reading. It could be a sticky note, notebook entry or recorded on a chart.
  • What is the best way a teacher can support a student when choosing a book for independent reading?
    • Share their independent reading level and allow them to choose from those books.
    • Have all students read the same engaging text that the teacher has chosen.
    • Allow the student to chose from their own interests.

These missions were some of the tasks the teachers completed to score points and win BIG prizes. In addition to being able to upload pictures, answer multiple choice questions and inserting links to information there are a variety of other features that are part of the app. Music, sounds, QR codes, and video may also be uploaded. Participants are able to complete surveys. Competitions can be created, along with a ceremony for the winner. Participants are even given the opportunity to follow written directions to find specific coordinates. The possibilities are endless.

In a very short amount of time, these teachers were able to engage in a fun activity that led to wonderful collaborative conversations around the classroom environment and practices. This was also an opportunity for teachers to learn about another tool they could put in their toolboxes to engage their students.

What are some of the professional learning opportunities that you have designed or participated in that were engaging and perhaps a little outside the box?

SOL 2019 #5


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