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Each Friday the sixth-grade teachers devote a part of their day to “Film Clip Friday.” Students analyze and discuss a short film, as a short story, using a specific lens. The films, that all students can access, have truly proven to be an effective way to motivate their learners.
Using film has allowed them to go to the next level by moving their students beyond comprehension through active viewing, to critical thinking through discussion. Thanks to digital technology, there is a stock of creative independent film shorts from all over the world that can be used to support students’ development of multiliteracies. Please add your favorite film shorts to this Padlet.

It has been my pleasure this week to be working with the students and teacher as they have been studying literary essay in writing workshop. During the viewing of CGI Animated Short Film: “Game Changer” by Aviv Mano today students focused on developing a theme for the short film. The film showed a young person in an arcade trying to win enough tickets to take home a toy. The toy was concerned that if he went home with the young person he would be destined to a life of tea parties as they were dressed with pink heart earrings, a unicorn wristband, and a pink hair band. The toy tries to sabotage them so they do not win enough tickets. In the end, the toy realizes that it might be fun, after all, to go home with them as they show their strength in the last arcade game.

After students wrote and discussed their thoughts with a partner they shared out with the group. “Appearances may be misleading,” Don’t judge a book by its cover,” and “Things are not always what they seem,” were some of the themes that were mentioned. As they continued to fill in their boxes and bullets to structure a possible essay they added details from the story to support their theme. One student started their summary of the short by saying, “The toy thought the girl was too “girly.” Another student interjected, “How did you know that the young person identified as being a girl?” The conversation continued from there, as the classroom teacher and I listened without interrupting. It was clear to me that the culture that had been created in this classroom was one of acceptance and mutual respect.

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    1. We were in total awe as they continued the conversation. Listening to each other’s views and then building on them. Truly proud of them!

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