Jumping the Waves

In addition to offering support and helping to motivate me to write, my writing tribe offers me writing ideas. Today a line from one tribe member’s slice reminded me of a poem I have had in me for some time.Thank you, Dani for helping me get it out!

Jumping the waves

Running into the icy cold ocean water
Holding her hand
Seeing her shining smile looking up at me
Hearing her precious giggles
The next icy wave approaches
I grab both hands
We bend our knees and get into position



I lift her
she soars over the wave
The water stings our warm bellies
splashes our faces


My heart swells as I remember
His strong hands holding mine
Lifting me
“Jump the waves, Daddy!”
His smile
My giggles
The same icy water
The same warm sand


1 thought on “Jumping the Waves”

  1. This poem evokes soooo many memories for me. And Iove that you start with you and your daughter and end with you and your dad. So much of raising our own kids bring back memories for us. You captured the moment perfectly

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