Keep Showing Up


Showing up to the blank page
when the words have run dry.

Showing up to the yoga studio
to teach the one person there.

Showing up to my classroom
setting exhaustion aside to
to greet my students with an open heart

Showing up is my offering
to faith
To vision
To the more bountiful days ahead.

SOL19 #30

6 thoughts on “Keep Showing Up”

  1. I love this simple poem reminder that showing up is important, even when you don’t feel up to it. I also believe in self-care, so if not showing up helps me take care of myself, I allow it. The trick is to come back.

  2. I thought I was writing a different slice until I sat down a the computer- then a different one was there before me. Showing up is often a surprise for me. I love your reminders.

  3. So so true, thank you for the reminder in your lovely poem.
    My favorite verse is showing up to teach yoga for the one person. I have been in that situation, and we go from being embarrassed, to annoyed, to having a very special encounter. And all teachers can relate to their verse!

  4. How masterfully you have depicted the economy of words and the power of its preciseness! “Showing Up” is reminiscent of the stamina that seems to escape us, but the tenacity that takes over when we’re driven by our passion and commitment to others.

    Thank you for this thoughtful reminder that our compassion can compel us to make a difference for the ones who matter most. What a testament to the impact you have on others.

    Job Well Done!

    ~Carla Michelle

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