New Year’s Intentions

In the past few years, I have moved away from the notion of a New Year’s Resolution and towards a New Year’s Intention. What is the difference? A New Year’s Resolution is goal oriented. We promise ourselves that we will go to the gym more often and then feel the inevitable crush of failure when February hits and our gym attendance tapers. Last week I laughed out loud when one of my favorite podcast hosts, Tommy Vietor, declared: “I am going to go to the gym less this year!” I loved his dismissal of the ritual.

An intention is a way of being. My yoga teaching colleague, friend and author Ann Saffi Biasetti explains it best, “Intentions can be looked at more as an ongoing wish. They are born from what is most important to us and from looking and searching within not outside of ourselves.” For more subscribe to her newsletter at

So for the past few years I have set intentions that make me feel strong. Last year, I set the intention of putting myself out there and sharing my voice. Creating our company, Lit Coach Connection, connecting with TeachWrite and participating in the Slice of Life Challenge in March inspired me, and gave me the courage, to blog regularly.

Living an intention is a journey. At times during the year, I slipped back into the comfort of writing in my notebook rather than sharing my voice via blog posts. Rather than feeling frustrated with myself, I practiced self compassion, accepted it and reignited my intention to blog again.

As for 2019, I set an intention to continue to work towards being resilient (also my One Little Word for the year). When exploring how I will do that, I referred to the questions Ann Biasetti references in her book Befriending Your Body: A Self Compassionate Approach from Freeing Yourself of Disordered Eating

1) What makes you feel strong in your body? What makes you feel strong in your emotions?

2) What makes you feel healthy in your body? What makes you feel healthy in your emotions?

How do I build resilience?

Reading the words of inspiring and strong women such as Michelle Obama. I devoured her memoir Becoming.

Leaving my to do list behind and attending, or teaching, a yoga class.

Taking a night off and indulging in a few episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Eating kale. Lots of kale.

Choosing being silly with my 2 daughters over vacuuming.

This is a list I will continue to add to as the year goes on, and there will be times when I opt for mac and cheese over kale, but I am looking forward to the journey of holding my intention of 2019.


What are your New Year’s Intentions? What will make you feel strong in body, mind spirit?

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