Our Pivot From Coaching to the Classroom: We are Teaching 5th Grade!


Covid-19 has sparked so many changes; one of which is our teaching positions in our respective districts. The need for reduced class size brought us both back into the classroom and as fate, and luck, would have it; we are both teaching 5th grade! We are thrilled for the opportunity to bring empowering practices that we have supported in other classrooms to our own. 

We invite you to join us on our journey as we bring lessons and revelations from our first-hand teaching experiences to the Lit Coach Connection community.  Learn alongside us as we explore how to: 

  • Build collective resilience with our students as we navigate this new reality of school. 
  • Maintain the intimacy and trust of reading and writing workshop in the era of distance learning. 
  • Inspire students to engage in identity work as we implement anti-racist curriculum.
  • Partner with families and our community as we support students in taking action inspired by our curriculum. 

Unlike any other time in our profession, 2020 will go down in the history books as a true test of our endurance and resilience. We will be called upon to be flexible and pivot on a moment's notice while remaining present for our students. COVID has reminded us what is truly important in our profession: relationships, clarity of teaching, and focusing on the essentials.  We are so grateful to dive into this year with you beside us. 



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