Our Thoughts Live On

As I opened my email today I found a lovely surprise from my husband’s nephew. As he was cleaning out his mother’s desk he ran across a handwritten note. It was one of many Thanksgiving blessings that my mother in law, Frances had written and shared with the family as we gathered around the table. Even though her spelling was not what it once had been her message was clear.

This is a special time

to gather together – families,

relatives & friends. Giving

thanks is something that

is done hastily, absent

mindedly & frequently not

expressed at all.

We really do mean to do it.

Thanksgiving day was started

by our forefathers. That small

group of survivors were

really grateful for the friendship

and help of a few Indians

who showed them how to

grow food under raw &

primitive conditions.They

were thankful that they had

survived when so many

of their group had passed on.

In that same true spirit

of being truly grateful for all

of our Blessings – and we

do have so many –

May each of us say to

each other right now as

a group Thank You &

May God Bless You.

This truly was a lovely gift from our beloved Frances. Even though she has been gone now more than 30 years her message continues to live on through her words on the written page. It is a reminder to all of us the importance of writing our stories down for future generations to cherish.

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3 thoughts on “Our Thoughts Live On”

  1. What a beautiful sentiment and treasured keepsake! Writing our stories really is important. I am creating books/binders for my four grandchildren. Each year on their birthdays, they receive new pages. I write them each a poem, create a picture collage of things we did together, and I hand-write a letter to them which my husband and I each sign. I hope they will enjoy looking back on them when they are grown and we are gone.

    1. What a wonderful keepsake for them! I am soon to be a grandmother for the first time and hope to create some memories for her as you have done for your grandchildren.

  2. Oh yes, how special is that! What a lovely way to generate a memory. I often come across little hand-written notes that take me on a journey. So good to read!

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