Postcard Promise, Part II

For my 3/16 slice, I wrote about a postcard of the Edward Hopper painting,  “Room in New York, 1932” that has hung on my refrigerators in 5 different homes over the past 20 years. For today’s slice, I took that entry and turned it into a poem.



Postcard Promise. Part II


You are transient

having lived on 5 refrigerators

from your original home;

a vibrant Queens neighborhood where diversity lives on every block

where one can enjoy samosas for lunch

paella for dinner

baklava for dessert.

To the quiet

rolling hills

of a neighborhood backing up

against apple trees.


You are the remnant of an era

of pen on paper

postcards and letters.

A time when the hands of 2 people touched the same object

An art lost.

In today’s world of email and texts  

you stand as a tangible beauty

connecting one friend to another

connecting space and time.


In all the years you have been with me,

I never looked to see your place of origin.

In all the museums I have visited,

I have never bumped into your mother.

So I turn you over and see:

Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery

University of Nebraska- Lincoln


A place tucked away in the center of the country

A quiet, steady presence,

just like yours.


Your water stains and worn edges

reveal your age

Much like gentle wrinkles around my eyes

reveal mine.


Yet, you hold the sweetness of youth.

The promise of a life of possibilities

and dreams yet to be imagined

and realized.

SOL19 #18

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