Processing Our New Normal in Uncertain Times with a Sense of Well being

Fear, concern, worry: we carry these feelings in our hearts as we face the ever shifting realities of our new normal in the age of COVID 19. Our lives have been impacted by school closings and negotiating supporting our students from afar.  For some, our lives have been touched directly by the illness. We worry about those most at risk. We think of our loved ones who are in retirement homes and fear the impact of this isolation on their body, mind and spirit. We are left with the great unknown: When will this be resolved? What will the consequences be?

At times like these, Shelley and I feel so strongly that we need tools to ground ourselves. Here are a few methods for processing and negotiating these uncertain times:

  1. Be honest about what you are feeling. Name it; own it and do not judge it. 
  2. Once you have created that self awareness, explore how best to ground yourself. Ask yourself: What do I find comforting? What resets my racing heart and wandering mind? Is it:
    • Talking a walk
    • Yoga
    • Meditation
    • Writing
    • Reading
    • Coloring
    • Art
    • Running
  3. What is something new you might try this month? 
  4. What support do you need? We are going to need each other more than ever and fortunately there are lots of online groups you can join. Here are just a few private Facebook groups to inspire reading and writing: 
    • #TeachWrite
    • #100daysofnotebooking
    • #Bookyourself
  5. How can you give to others? What can you offer? As Gandhi said: The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”  When I am feeling uncertain, I find that thinking beyond myself and serving others is grounding. 
    • Mercifully we have telephones! Pick up the phone and call your elderly family members, neighbors and friends.
    • Check in on friends with medical conditions that place them at risk
  6. How can you support local business bearing the financial burden of COVID 19? Here are a few ideas:
    • Buy gift cards to restaurants where you would normally dine. 
    • Order books from your local bookstore, our beloved Northire Bookstore is offering free delivery right now. After reading the books, share them virtually by writing reviews on Goodreads, Google classroom or other online formats you are using with your students (and invite students to do the same). 
  7. Spend time with the people in your home and if you live alone, set up phone dates so that you feel connected. 
  8. Structure your day in ways that you find nurturing. Perhaps start with a morning routine. We love those shared by  Mel Robbins and Rachel Hollis. Schedule time for exercise.
  9. Finally,  perhaps the most powerful way to ground yourself is to connect with your breath. Close your eyes and inhale on a count of 4 and exhale on a count of 5. Extend the breaths to 5 and 6 and so on. Taking a moment to shut everything out and quiet your mind will enable you to accept this new reality and see where you can find agency and resilience. 

We at Lit Coach Connection are with you. We will get through this together and will continue to share resources to build our resilience in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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