Receiving Disappointment with an Open Heart

Have you ever had a book in your life where you can flip to a page and always, without fail, land on the page you need to read at that moment? For me, Heart Talk: Poetic Wisdom for a Better Life by Cleo Wade is that book.  

I recently had the honor to hear Mark Nepo, author of The Book of Awakenings and his latest, More Together and Alone, speak at a local college. Among his many beautiful words were these: “The longest journey is the one from your head to your heart.” He invited us to consider: “Where do you live in that space?”  After receiving some disappointing news yesterday, the passage I turned to in Heart Talk took me out of my head, out of my ego, and brought me to my heart center.

It reads:

“With every new day and even every new minute, we have the opportunity to reset our attitude and change our perspective. There will always be people and circumstances that trigger our anger, sadness, or resentment, but when we allow those emotions to stay on a loop in our minds, that is on us, not them. Instead, if we let go and allow the new day to bring new energy, we are given a clean slate to really understand what is upsetting us and problem-solve from a place of freshness rather than a place of hostility. When we have a better attitude, we create better solutions, we have a better life.”

I will carry these words with me over the next few days as the sting of disappointment runs its course and eventually fades.

By grounding myself in gratitude, I am able to let the clouds of sadness clear.

I will silence the chatter in my mind and make space to see new possibilities with my heart.

New perspective brings hope and resilience.

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6 thoughts on “Receiving Disappointment with an Open Heart”

    1. It’s funny, Stacey, I read your post the morning before I received my news and I kept it in my mind. My green smoothie was the gym. To me, this is a testament of how we are connected through writing.

  1. I have Nepo’s books sitting in my to-read pile; you’ve prompted me to move at least one to the top. Gratitude and accepting the energy of a new day seem to be the very path to moving forward, without negating that the disappointing experience happened. I think it’s so important to acknowledge both.

  2. Beautiful post. I often watch Cameron Crowe’s Vanilla Sky or (the original Abre los Ojos) and love the line that goes something like “every minute you are alive is another moment to turn it all around” and between the poignant simplicity and Penelope Cruz’ cute accent it really hits home. Thank you for sharing this and it looks like you already know that eventually this too shall pass. I hope it does so soon and painless as possible.

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