The Little Red Door

This is the small red door. Trimmed in white wooden molding. This is the door with only one metal key. Leading to a room covered with pink prickly carpet. Now home to only a small family of timid mice. This is the door that led to the special place that housed the holiday gifts. Hidden from two little curious boys.

Legos for building.
Drawing paper and markers to create.
Playmobile trains to spark the imagination.

This is the door that brings me back to a time when there were four voices in our house.
Now there are only two. A time when read aloud was a nightly family pastime. Snuggled on the couch with the fuzzy blue blanket Nanny made. Now it is a solitary leisure activity. A time when evenings were filled with Candyland, Checkers and Chutes and Ladders

This is the door that reminds me of joyful memories that will always reside in my heart!


SOL19 #13

This short writing piece was inspired by George Ella Lyon’s poems from      Many-Storied House. She creates poems based on the home that her grandfather built as she returns to Kentucky. She includes memories of her youth as she describes the items in her family home.


3 thoughts on “The Little Red Door”

  1. I love this. The images–Nana’s knitted blanket; the red door–and the memories these elicit–reading, games, Christmas presents. Your poem captures a family’s life together. So true and real.

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