The Things We Love

Saturday morning at the yoga studio
Planning for kids yoga series


Children’s books
teacher manuals
our notes
Take over the waiting area.
People refreshed and renewed
from morning yoga stop by.


“What is this book?” they ask
“How beautiful!” they say as they turn the stunning pages of
Love by Matt De La Pena, illustrated by Loren Long
Pages that give us windows and mirrors into what love means.
“Teaching compassion?
What about Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson?”
“Have you heard of Plant a Kiss?”
“Oh by Amy Krousse Rosenthal?
Illustrated by the wonderful Peter Reynolds?”
Suddenly bringing yoga to children
Teaching them about love and compassion
has become a community effort.


How wonderful life is
when the things
we love
come together.


2018 SOL #9

3 thoughts on “The Things We Love”

  1. A kids yoga. That’s a wonderful idea! I know that some of our elementary teachers have introduced yoga and relaxation exercises in their classrooms. It comes in handy on stressful days and the yoga does help expend a little energy.

  2. Still love this idea, Krista! Thank you for capturing the moment in a poem. Just as relaxing as child’s pose.

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