Where I Am From

Inspired by Ella George Lyons

I am from clothespins

and freshly aired sheets

on a cloudless summer’s day


I am from cartwheels and summersaults

on the soft clover covered lawn

that cushioned every fall


I am from rosary beads, shrine visits and holy days

heads covered, straw hats and white gloves


I’m from polka music, the juice harp

and the sweet sounds of the harmonica

played at every family event


I am from hopscotch,

jump rope and hide and seek after dark


I’m from sparkly banana seat bikes

with streamers and card clackers

constructed with spare parts


I’m from casseroles, Michigan sauce and grandma’s corn

made from Nana’ secret recipes


I’m from big blue dump trucks

country music humming and strumming

from the eight-track player


I’m from puzzles and paperbacks

Novels stacked so high

Ramona, Frances and Nancy Drew

Archie comics too

All dear friends that comforted

Night after night!

SOL19 #25


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