Where I’m From

I’m from the small town pond

Where I learned to swim

Whose murky waters I wouldn’t step in now.


From Zingers and Devil Dogs

Fighting over the last Coco Mound

Sipping from a can of Sprite with a straw.


From from mother sitting on the living room floor

Surrounded by clipped coupons

With All My Children serving as her companion.


I’m from roller skating in my parent’s garage

The Pointer Sisters blaring in the background

Hours spent lost in the adventures of Ramona Quimby.


From lazy afternoons with Memere and Pepere

Rocking the day away on their small front porch

The music of French sneaking out of their conversations.


I’m from my Great Grandfather’s hookah

The relief of escaping the cigarette smoke filled house

That belonged to my grandparents.


From my mother grabbing our hands and breaking into boisterous dance

to the Ghostbusters theme song

Her sweet snorting laugh mixing with the music.

To quiet evenings slow dancing with my dad in the living room

When no one else was home.


I’m from striving for straight As

The crush of disappointment

From earning anything less.


From afternoons in my Great Aunts’ apple orchard

Running from tree to tree.

Endless sibling competition of “who can pick the most.”

The last remnants of a family farm

They held onto  

Until they could no more.

10 thoughts on “Where I’m From”

  1. This was beautiful, Krista. I love writing I am From poems, but was always afraid I wouldn’t get it ‘right’ if I wrote my own. But seeing how beautiful and emotional this was, I know I have to at least try. I can feel the gratefulness and love in your piece.

  2. Gorgeous “where I’m from,” Krista. Love the juxtaposition of boisterously dancing with mom and slow dancing with dad. I’m working on one for later this month. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Christie. Since writing this, I have been thinking of so much more to add! I love doing this with students at the beginning of the year.

  3. Zingers – check
    All My Children – check
    rollerskating in the garage (basement for me) – check
    cigarette smoked houses – check
    Love your memories! Love this prompt!

    1. Thank you, Leigh Anne. Your first slice inspired me to write this poem! I had some ideas in my notebook from years past but this was the first time I sat down to write it and share it. Now that I have, I keep thinking of more to add. The floodgates of memories have been opened!

  4. Beautiful “I am from” poem. That is a form that I always balk at writing because I feel too wordy, but yours inspires memories and maybe even a little inspiration to try the form that intimdates me.. I loved Zingers (gosh, I haven’t thought about those in a lonnnnnng time!) and with my mom, the boisterous, laughing dancing was to the Pointer Sisters blaring, rather than Ghostbusters!

    1. Thank you! One of the reasons I love this form is that it helps us see what connects us!

  5. What beautiful memories, must be nothing quite like living on a farm, Can really relate to quite a few things, like Ramona Quimby and striving for straight As

    1. Thank you, Celia! The literature of our youth and our early ambitions unite us all!

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