Why I Write

Krista Senatore

On National Writing day, Paula Bourque (the wonderful Litcoach Lady) asked that we tweet why we write. Her request led me to reflect on the role writing plays in my life and to set the intention to make it a daily practice. Though my tweet was one line, I’ve expanded the reasons I  write below. I write because writing helps me to:

pay attention to life, to show up and be truly present to any given situation.
take a breath, be aware of how I am feeling and respond with care.
process life’s difficulties and celebrate its beauty.
ponder, reconsider, ask questions.
evolve in my thinking.
hold myself accountable.  
share my thoughts and ideas.
connect and bond.
live a joyful life.
Revisiting and adding to this list fuels my daily writing and gives me the courage to take my writing out of my notebook and share it with my writing tribe.

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